Catalog sales tracking

Define strategies based on reliable data that allow you to plan and act effectively.

Regardless of your sales channel, catalog sales will always be a major contender in some categories, monitor the commercial strategies of the main players in the channel and obtain insights with the desired depth. 

Benefits of Catalog sales Tracking


Analyze the portfolio structure of catalog sales companies and the dynamics of exposure in each cycle.


Learn about new products in the market, their benefits, introductory prices and promotional strategies.

Pricing and promotions

Maintain continuous monitoring of pricing strategies, promotions and discounts offered to the consumer on a cycle-by-cycle basis.

Campaign planning

Allows an easy understanding of the structure and design of the catalogs according to each season.

Regardless of the distribution channel you use, analyze the offerings and strategies of the major catalog sales companies.

Make your business more competitive with better operational management


Boost your brand performance by identifying internal and external areas of opportunity through reliable data analysis.

Wholesaler / Distributor

Make the sourcing and distribution process more efficient, increasing sales and business profitability.


Obtain the ideal portfolio and plan demand, optimizing supply processes and avoiding lost sales due to lack of inventory.

New research and analysis. 

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