Information security policy

The management of Grupo Segmenta, understanding the importance of proper information management, which it recognizes as a fundamental part of the research studies and market intelligence services it offers, has committed to the implementation of an Integral Management System seeking to establish a framework of trust in the exercise of its duties. 

Grupo Segmenta, is committed to protecting information through risk identification to which the assets that process, process and store information are exposed, evaluating the most effective options considering the experience and contribution of all its personnel in terms of security in order to guarantee the timely management of them. 

Grupo Segmenta, based on the principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information to prevent and avoid destruction, disclosure, modification, unauthorized use and identification of possible changes in levels of protection with the services offered, customers and interested parties. 

Grupo Segmenta has decided to define, implement, operate and continuously improve an Integral Management System, supported by clear guidelines, aligned to the needs of the business, taking as reference the applicable standards and legislations.