Data Management Adhoc

Put your business at the center of your strategy and drive your growth.

This solution allows to collect, clean, classify and validate business data, to facilitate its analysis through a BI platform, favoring the identification of areas of opportunity internal or external to the company. 

Benefits of Data Management Adhoc


Reduces the complexity of collecting, processing and analyzing data, allowing the creation of a culture of analysis and monitoring of performance indicators within the company.

Single source of information

Centralizes information and performance indicators in a BI platform, standardizing the language of the business.


Provides agility, assertiveness and access to data processed with the latest technology.


Transforms information into knowledge and allows to identify business opportunities.

Decision Making

Make decisions more easily and timely, based on reliable information.

Analyze your business from a different point of view and develop its full potential.

Make your business more competitive with better operational management


Boost your brand performance by identifying internal and external areas of opportunity through reliable data analysis.

Wholesaler / Distributor

Make the sourcing and distribution process more efficient, increasing sales and business profitability.


Obtain the ideal portfolio and plan demand, optimizing supply processes and avoiding lost sales due to lack of inventory.

New research and analysis. 

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