Sales Tracking

Monitor market structure and evolution and identify trends in consumer habits.

These systems have the participation of the most representative brands and retailers of the industry in Latin America. 

By considering unit sales data and market values, we obtain a true picture of the size of the sector, thus being able to analyze its structure, understand its evolution and identify changes in consumer preferences. 

We currently measure the sporting goods industry in major Latin American countries. 

Sales Tracking benefits

Market structure and evolution

It allows to know the evolution of the market over time, analyzing the information by different segments such as: sales channel, geography, category, subcategory, type of product, price level, among others.

Participation and growth

In each segment analyzed, compare and measure KPI's and make decisions about the future of the business.

Identification of areas of opportunity

Helps in the design of strategies to achieve better optimization of resources, by understanding the changes in consumer habits.

Effectiveness of strategies

Facilitates the evaluation and measurement of results in the strategies implemented, by comparing performance against the market through benchmarking.

Reliable information

With the help of our team of experts and based on reliable information, make the best decisions for your business.

With our BI platform, Segmenta's Sales Tracking allows cross-referencing multiple variables and deepening the analysis of information with unlimited possibilities.

If you are interested in developing such a system in your industry, please contact us.

Make your business more competitive with better operational management


Boost your brand performance by identifying internal and external areas of opportunity through reliable data analysis.

Wholesaler / Distributor

Make the sourcing and distribution process more efficient, increasing sales and business profitability.


Obtain the ideal portfolio and plan demand, optimizing supply processes and avoiding lost sales due to lack of inventory.

New research and analysis. 

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